2017/18 Presentation Night

17th May 2018

2017/18 Major Award Winners

WMDCC held it's annual presentation night on Saturday at Official Mayfield Hotel. It was great to see all 7 Saturday teams well represented on the night. Below is the list of winners of our most esteemed awards.

Clubman of the Year (Bill Chard Award) - Gary Sweetman
Commitment to Cricket (Tex Hay Award) - Michael Skelly
Club Champion Player (Gordon Fraser Award) - Jack Dundas
C&S Player of the Year (Ben Sharp Award) - Jono Burke
U21 Player of the Year (Bert Gibson Award) - Asher Robins
Junior Player of the Year (Lowe/Young Award) - Olivier Koehn
Rookie of the Year - Declan Owens
Telligence Scholarship - Hamish Macqueen
Most Improved (Larry Short Award) - Jono Twomey
Wicketkeeper of the Year (Sonny Payne Award) - Josh Brackenbury
Fielder of the Year (Tony Saunders Award) - Hamish Macqueen

Thanks for season 2017/18 gents, and thankyou to all of our sponsors and supporters.

We'd also like to thank all our volunteers, both the club volunteers we awarded on the night, and team managers like Keith Brackenbury and Amanda Sharp who help out immensely throughout the season.

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